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    Medical Assistant/Front Office - Austin North

    Ian Ferguson
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    Medical Assistant/Front Office - Austin North Empty Medical Assistant/Front Office - Austin North

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    Medical Assistant/Front Office - Austin North
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    Job Description
    Working under supervision of various providers and/or Center Administrator, in an outpatient setting, provides basic and routine assistance with patient care delivery within the medical assistant scope of practice and required certifications in accordance with Concentra policies, practices and procedures and applicable regulations.

    Welcomes patients
    Prepares patients for health care visit
    Places patient in exam room for provider evaluation.
    Obtains medical history.
    Verifies patient information
    Prepares, assists and accurately completes all forms
    Supports patient care delivery
    Assists providers during examination and treatment
    Takes vital signs and performs all ancillary tests appropriate to skill level, certifications and state regulations
    Performs ancillary testing and tasks as ordered by the Center Medical Director (PFT, EKG, injections, audiograms, blood draws) and as certified.
    Assists in surgery set up and injury care as directed by the treating provider
    Dispenses medications and appliances within scope of practice and as ordered by the treating provider and in accordance with state regulations.
    Applies bandages, dressings and splints as ordered by the treating provider.
    Educates patients
    Completes records
    Keeps supplies ready
    Maintains supplies, cleans rooms and equipment, and stocks rooms with required supplies
    Keeps equipment operating
    Operates autoclave machine in accordance with policy and procedures and complies with all regulatory requirements.
    Maintains and operates all clinical equipment, including calibration and record keeping in accordance with current policy and procedures.
    Maintains safe, secure, and healthy work environment
    Conducts business in a service-oriented manner that is attentive, cooperative, sensitive, respectful and kind with dealing with patients, visitors, the public and all colleagues
    Assists in maintaining a neat, clean and orderly appearance in the lobby and overall center throughout the day.
    Performs drug screen collections for both DOT and Non-DOT drug screens, using proper chain of custody; ensures preparation for pick-up and shipment to appropriate laboratory.
    Performs front office clerical duties such as answering telephones, check-in, check-out and record processing as requested by Center Administrator.
    Attends centers staff meetings as required.
    Completes required certifications; becomes proficient in clinic systems and procedures, and maintains currency in all policies, practices and procedures.
    May assist with clerical activities related to appointment scheduling and patient intake , data verification, office communications, and filing of patient records.
    May take X-Rays with appropriate certification and/or licensing.
    Performs duties to achieve or exceed established service standards.
    Performs other duties, as assigned.

    Required Experience
    Exceptional Customer Service

    High school graduate or GED with training as a medical assistant or military medical specialist with a minimum of 12 months directly applicable work experience and current MA credentials in state employed according to state requirements and applicable regulations.

    1 year continuous experience in clinical operations or medical office work post externship

    Attention to detail
    Customer Service skills
    Problem solving skills
    Basic knowledge of clinical procedures, medical anatomy and physiology.
    Working knowledge of occupational medicine requirements (state specific).
    Documentation skills
    Basic procedural skills such as blood draws, EKG/PFT testing
    Ability to speak clearly and effectively in a variety of settings
    Ability to participate in initial and ongoing training as required.
    Effective communication and interaction with employers, patients, providers and other colleagues. Ability to use tack and diplomacy appropriate to situation.
    Ability to maintain working relationship with all levels of colleagues.
    Excellent customer service skills.

    Fast paced, deadline-oriented clinical office environment.

    Job Location
    Austin, TX, US.
    Position Type

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