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    Types of Interview Questions

    Tiffany Tarpein
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    Types of Interview Questions Empty Types of Interview Questions

    Post  Tiffany Tarpein on Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:56 pm

    Open questions- "Tell us a little about…….."

    Keep in mind the selection criteria and your strengths.

    Closed questions - Asked when the interviewer wants specific information, often factual or technical in nature, these questions can frequently be answered with a “yes” or “no”

    Ask for clarification and elaboration of past experiences. Require you to demonstrate your technical knowledge in some area

    Hypothetical questions - What would you do if…

    These will assess your ability to think on your feet.

    Leading questions - The answer seems logical…

    As a grower representative you will require good communication skills - do you have good skills in this area? Do not give a yes/no answer. Give examples to support your response.

    Multi-barrelled - two or more questions linked to the same topic

    Don't be afraid to ask to have the question repeated if you can't recall the full question.

    Behavioural questions - uses your past experiences to predict future behaviours

    Prepare examples of how your experiences have allowed you to develop specific skills and how these could benefit the employer. STAR: Situation, Tasks, Action, Result

    The ‘STAR’ Approach for Answering a Question

    S: Situation – describe the situation
    T: Task or problem – what dilemma or problem did you face?
    A: Action – what action did you take?
    R: Result – what was the result of your action?

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