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    Selling Yourself

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    Selling Yourself Empty Selling Yourself

    Post  Tiffany Tarpein on Fri Feb 19, 2010 10:27 pm

    What to Say

    Introduce yourself with a smile and firm handshake. Maintain good eye contact during conversation.
    Demonstrate to the recruiter what you want to and can do for the employer today, based on employer research. Give two minute commercial.
    Answer questions with:
    " Yes, for example (accomplishment/result statement)" and
    " No, however (accomplishment/result statement)"
    Show interest in what the interviewer is saying, by nodding your head and leaning toward him/her occasionally.
    Give positive answers to negative-based questions.
    Ask the recruiter prepared questions.
    Initiate the next step by asking what the next step is.
    Ask for the recruiter’s business card for future contact. Immediately after you leave make notes of important points of discussion.

    The "Tell me about yourself" question

    Here is an example about how to answer the first question most interviewers ask. “Tell me about yourself” It also allows the job seeker to share with the interviewer the most important thing they want to know – “Why should I hire you?”

    1. Personal and Education
    This part is used to give the interviewer relevant information concerning you personally and about your educational background. This does not include personal information such as marital status, children, etc. This does include information such as: hometown or state and/or personal attribute(s). The education should be either the latest obtained and/or major field if relevant to job objective.

    2. Early Career/Life Experiences
    This part is used to share with the interviewer past work and life experiences relevant to the job objective.

    3. Recent Work History/Life Experiences
    This is the time for the job seeker to relate to the employer two accomplishments/results of the job seeker that indicate why he/she is the best candidate for the position sought.

    4. Why you are here
    In this part, the job seeker speaks with enthusiasm that he/she is here for the specific position sought.

    What to Do

    Arrive 10-15 minutes early.
    Use time wisely to review employer research information.
    Have pen and paper. Asking to borrow a pen indicates lack of preparation.
    Be enthusiastic. Recruiters remember a positive attitude.
    Listen carefully to the interviewer’s complete question before responding.
    If needed, pause and take time before answering difficult questions.
    Keep going even if you feel you made a mistake.
    Carry extra resumes, references, etc. organized in a portfolio
    Unless asked, do not discuss salary and benefits.

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