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    Second Interview

    Tiffany Tarpein
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    Second Interview Empty Second Interview

    Post  Tiffany Tarpein on Fri Feb 19, 2010 10:33 pm

    Almost all of what applies to first interviews applies to subsequent interviews, because you are usually meeting more people from the same organization for the first time. The greatest difference is likely to be in the level of understanding that you have about the organization. There can be numerous variations: you may interview first with a human resources staff person and then be invited to return to meet several more people; you may have a successful on-campus interview and then be invited to the home office to meet other people; you may in fact be interviewing with one person who is so impressed that he or she immediately calls a colleague to ask if that person has time to meet you.

    If time has passed before you are invited to return for further discussions, take the opportunity to reflect on your first conversation. The second interview is your opportunity to show that you have listened and learned. The more details you know about a position, the more successfully you can communicate your ability to meet its requirements. Think about what you know the employer is looking for and describe elements of your background and skills in such a way that you show that you have those specific qualifications. A candidate who can take information learned in a first interview and apply it in later interviews will be considered an astute observer and a quick study.

    If you have been saturated with information about the organization, position, training program, benefits, and anything else that might apply, certainly your interviewers will understand if you don’t have a long list of questions to ask. The preferred option, however, is to formulate a few new questions, perhaps more detailed or more sophisticated, based on what you have learned.

    As with a first interview, it is important to be attuned to the position of the person with whom you are speaking. On a day- or half-day-long series of interviews, you may have the opportunity to ask questions of someone who would be your peer, someone who would be your supervisor, a representative of the human resources office, and the president or director. They will each provide a different perspective and knowledge base.

    The keys to managing the interview process successfully are preparation and practice. If you are dilligent at both, you will present yourself in the best possible light and will be recognized by employers as a strong and effective candidate. Good Luck!

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